Cypress Kids! & Parent Cue

Cypress Kids! is excited to provide the Parent Cue App as an awesome resource for our parents!

Download today to view what your child is learning each Sunday, 

discuss our thoughtful follow-up questions as a family,

and continue to move you child toward a deeper faith and a better future. 


What are the basic facts?

The latest update of the Parent Cue app is compatible with Apple's iOS 4.3 or later and Android's 4.0-4.4.  It's designed for parents of newborns through 5th grade.  IT'S FREE!

How is it different than the old Parent Cue App?

It combines the Legacy countdown with weekly Parent Cues and Phase Cues.

What is the purpose of the app?  

It's designed to help parents connect with the heart of their child every week through Bible based content (Cypress-created curriculum or Orange curriculum) and practical things to say and do with their child.  The content is age specific, based on the number of weeks a child has left till graduation.

Does Cypress Kids! customize the app?

Cypress Kids! customizes our content to fit exactly what we are teaching on Sundays.  We customize for ages 2 years old through 5th grade.  Parents of babies and 1 year olds receive content from the Orange curriculum.  

How can I view the past week's content?

Because our content is tied to each week of our Cypress Kids! curriculum, it's only available with that week's Parent Cues.

Why do some of the ages have videos, and others don't?

Cypress Kids! has chosen to customize the content in the App to match our weekly Sunday teachings, which do not offer video.  We do utilize Parent Cue's provided videos for babies and 1 year olds, created from the Orange curriculum. 

How often does the content change? 

For our toddlers through Kindergarten. the content stays the same for a whole month.  Why? Because these ages love repetition.  They love repetition.  They love repetition :)  However, their "think about this" and "do this" sections can change each week.

How do you calculate the number of weeks?

The weeks displayed in this app are approximate and based on a generalized formula created from your child's birthday, their grade in school, and a mid-May graduation date of their anticipated Senior year.

In the App countdown, what does "move on to their next" mean?

The weeks displayed in this app are approximate and based on a formula created based on your child's birthday, their grade in school, and an Aug. 1 date of when they'll move on to their next-whether it's college or a job or new adventure.

What information will parents need to share on the app? 

Child's first name, birthdate and grade are required to generate content for their child.  They will also need to give parent name and email address.

Is this information safe?

Absolutely!  We promise not to share any information outside of Cypress Kids! and the Parent Cue app.  All the information about your child is available only to you, the parent.  We may send an occasional email/notification with helpful tips about your child's phase, but you can turn off that option in the Settings part of the App.

Still have questions?

Please Contact Cypress Kids! with any other questions by emailing our Director, Kylie Kent at