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Cypress Church family.

Last year, our congregation celebrated Cypress’ first 50 years of serving God by looking back and remembering where we began and how the Lord’s been faithful to us.

This year, as we look forward to our next 50 years, we do so, in part, by kicking off a long-awaited sanctuary renovation project which will both restore the beauty of our sanctuary building and give us a renewed platform for serving our community and congregation while we maintain the same core values that have long defined Cypress Church.

During the next three months, your elders will lead our congregation to prepare for, give to, and execute on plans to enhance the warm and welcoming character of this building by laying new carpeting throughout, reupholstering our existing pews with new supportive foam and fabrics, upgrading our lighting with new bulbs and fixtures and replacing the carpeting in the Fellowship Hall with easy to clean Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring.

We also plan to take advantage of this unique opportunity to widen the current spacing between each of our pews by three to four inches, giving everyone much easier access and more comfortable seating.

The cost of this project will be $250,000 and will be funded from the current balance in our capital account and from offerings given by our congregation during a focused four-week “Our Next 50” giving campaign in July. We trust in the Lord’s faithfulness and your generosity to meet this need.

Now, what’s left for all of us to do is to become informed about this project, and then to pray, consider, get involved and give, generously and self-sacrificially, to support this part of the Lord’s work among us as we look to the next 50 years.

In Christ,

Brian Balsbaugh, Elder Chairman         Eric Larson, Project Manager

Eddie De La Rosa, Elder                      Jason Hayward, Elder

John Favero, Elder                                Brian Nelson, Elder

      Ron Fergason, Elder                         Ben Sobels, Senior Pastor

Our Scope

New Carpet: Brown   Luxury Vinyl Planks: Gray

Project Cost

CARPETING plus luxury vinyl planks:                    $94,000

PEWS Reupholstered/Repositioned:                       $80,000

LIGHTING new LED fixtures, bulbs, and spots: $60,000

Contingencies:                                                                     $16,000

Total Project Cost:                                                              $250,000

Giving Goal                                                                       

Available Resources    Cypress capital account           $70,000

"Our Next 50"                       for project completion        $180,000

Project needs        $250,000

- Our fund-raising goal is $250,000                                                       

- We have $70,000 in the capital account for this project           

- $180,000 is needed to complete the project                                    

- We want to challenge ourselves to raise the entire $250,000

- So that we have $70,000 of capital for future project needs

give today

  • June - preperation month

    • Month of Prayer - and Congregation Prayer Meeting - June 28th
    • Communicate our project's details, phases and timing
    • Install new Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring in the Fellowship Hall
  • July - giving month

    • Kick-off our Month of Giving on Sunday, July 2nd
    • Track our progress weekly, through all forms of communication, towards our giving goal of $250,000
    • Celebrate our generosity on Sunday, July 30th
  • august - implementation month

    • Week of August 1 - Pews are removed, disassembled and taken to be refurbished
    • Sunday, August 6 - Outside Services begin & Graffiti Sunday, writing prayers all over uncarpeted sanctuary floor
    • Week of August 7 - Sanctuary lighting and spot lighting are upgraded
    • Weeks of August 14 & 21 - Old carpeting is removed, new carpeting is installed
    • Week of August 28 - Pews are returned, re-spaced, and installed


  • The elders have been desirous of refreshing the look and feel of our aging Sanctuary for a long

    time. Our church is growing, we’re in a healthy financial position and we have an excellent staff

    team. This Spring and Summer is a great time to complete this important project.

  • We are moving into August. August is renovation month!! Services will be outside all through August. 

  • Earlier this year, the elders officially endorsed moving forward with the project. Eric Larson has

    accepted the role of Project Manager. The scope, schedule and budget have been decided. We

    have selected highly qualified vendors and a congregation-led design team has worked hard to

    choose our carpet, Luxury Vinyl Plank flooring and Pew fabric. These items have been ordered.

  • Bereman Carpets of Monterey will provide our floor coverings. Wayne and Pearl Bereman are

    long-time members of Cypress. Bereman Carpets installed our current carpet 35 years ago.

    Worship Interiors Group of Riverside, CA will reupholster our pews. MIG Electric, EDGES

    Electrical Group and Media Systems Group, all from Salinas, will upgrade our lighting.

  • The sanctuary building will be closed during the month of August while work is being done. We

    plan to hold Sunday worship services outside on the front lawn (like we did in summer during

    the pandemic). Hopefully, the gorgeous views won’t distract us (too much) from the worship

    and teaching! Our first outside service is scheduled to be held on Sunday, August 6th.

  • No. Most, if not all, of the work will take place after VBS is over.

  • Yes. The first capital fundraiser is detailed in Exodus 25:1-9. “The Lord said to Moses ‘Tell the

    people of Israel to bring me their sacred offerings. Accept the contributions of all whose hearts

    are moved to offer them,’” God Himself told Moses to take up an offering for the purpose of

    building the tabernacle. Notice that each person was to pray and give as they were led.

  • “Our Next 50” Giving Campaign is a special opportunity to offer support above and beyond our

    normal giving. Our regular weekly or monthly offerings support our missionaries and fund the

    ongoing operations of the church. “Our Next 50” program is a unique moment in the life of our

    church to join together to contribute to our future.

  • Here are a few ways. The sanctuary building measures 10,000 square feet. The project will cost

    $250,000. That works out to $25 per square foot. Your gift of $500 will “purchase” 20 square

    feet of our newly refreshed building. Or, your $1000 donation will “purchase” $400 of new

    carpeting, $345 of pew reupholstering and $255 of new lighting. Or, we have 67 pews. Your

    $5,000 donation will “purchase” 4 newly renovated pews.

  • On or before Sunday July 2nd, we will put in place a simple way to give to “Our Next 50” online.

    We will also place special color-coded “Our Next 50” giving envelopes in the pew racks in the

    sanctuary for those who want to make donations by check to: Cypress Church Our Next 50.

  • Yes. We may need some volunteers to help us move things out of the Sanctuary building to

    clear the way for the work. We will also need many volunteers to help set up and tear down

    “outdoor church” each Sunday morning in August. We will communicate these needs ahead of

    time. And of course, we will all want to pray for the safe and successful completion of all

    planned work.

  • No. We have ample room at the back of our sanctuary to accommodate the space required.

    Because of the design of the balcony, pew spacing will remain the same there.

  • Yes. Our new lower-wattage lighting products will reduce operating costs by 25%. Since these

    LED products have extremely long lives, the real savings come from eliminating future labor and

    replacement costs.

  • Please email Eric Larson at Thank you!