Our 3-Year Vision


Revival in Monterey County.  This is our vision.

This is what God has put on our hearts to hope for, long for, and pray for. After beginning to pray for revival, we also searched Scripture, and reflected on how the Lord has been moving at Cypress, and in the community-at-large. This led to the Lord directing us to nine goals. We believe pursuing these goals over the next three years will prepare our congregation for the revival that is coming; uniting us in the love Jesus commanded and with the oneness He prayed for (Jn. 13:34-35, 17:20-23). We ask you to join us in praying for revival in Monterey County. We also challenge you to help us achieve these nine goals -

1. See >100 people gather weekly for Wednesday night prayer. There has never been a revival that wasn’t preceded by a prayer movement (Acts 1:14). We are praying for our congregation to value prayer so highly that we will make attending Wednesday prayer a top priority. We envision over 100 people praying together at Cypress on Wednesdays.

Questions? Get Involved? Contact Dave Anderson at sandcity49@gmail.com.

2. Create a Bible certification that integrates all equipping ministries. We believe it’s time to create a Bible certification at Cypress, integrating all our equipping ministries into one streamlined course (Eph. 4:12). The idea is to have 20 credits of high-quality online and in-person classes taught by the best teachers we can find, and 20 credits of life-changing ministry practicums, both local and global. Graduates will gain knowledge of the Spirit-filled life and be equipped with the relationships and experiences needed to live it.

Questions? Get Involved? Contact Ben Sobels at ben@cypresschurch.org.

3. Plant another church in Monterey County. We’ve already planted two churches in Monterey County in communities that didn’t have churches: Cachagua and Gonzales. We believe the Lord is calling us to plant a third (Matt. 28:18-20). Our hope is to start a new church in the old military chapel in East Garrison.

Questions? Get Involved? Contact Jason Hayward at haywardfamilyrepair@gmail.com.

4. Disciple 100% of our members in Transformation Groups. More than 120 people have been trained in Transformation Groups so far. Transformation Groups are groups of 3-4 people that study through Mark’s Gospel over a six month period. It’s an intentional discipleship experience modeled after what Jesus did with his disciples. Our desire is that everyone will go through this training in transformation by the end of 2024, and we will see four-generational discipleship become a norm not an exception at Cypress (2 Tim. 2:2).

Questions? Get Involved? Contact Brain Balsbaugh at b5167@yahoo.com.

5. Distribute 10,000 Bibles throughout Monterey County. God’s Word is powerful and changes lives. We treasure God’s Word here at Cypress. Over the next three years we hope to prayerfully distribute 10,000 Bibles (both in English and Spanish languages) throughout Monterey County (Mark 4:1-20).

Questions? Get Involved? Contact Paul Cripe at cripep@gmail.com.

6. Increase small group participation to > 80%. By the end of 2024, we pray more than 80% of our congregation will be actively engaged in a small group. This would be a new record of participation at Cypress, but more than that, it would mean the vast majority of us have put ourselves in a relational environment that has proven to be the best for developing the deep, long-term fellowship that fuel us as we follow Christ (Philemon 6).

Questions? Get Involved? Contact Brian Nelson at cdbriannelson@gmail.com.


7. Add a Spanish-speaking dimension to our ministry. Our goal is to reach everyone in Monterey County with the gospel, and two thirds of the population speaks Spanish (Acts 1:8). Before the end of 2024, we believe God would have us add some form of Spanish-speaking ministry at Cypress; a Spanish-speaking service,  a ministry partnership with a local Hispanic church, or something else God will show us.

Questions? Get Involved? Contact John Favero at jrfavero@comcast.net.


8. Focus local outreach through strategic gospel partnerships. We’ve built strong ministry partnerships with local Christian non-profits like Child Evangelism Fellowship, They Are One, Pass the Word, Set Free Monterey Bay, and others. We want to sit down with these ministries and other churches and create a strategic outreach plan to increase our congregation’s involvement to make a greater kingdom impact (Lk. 4:18-19).

Questions? Get Involved? Contact Eddie de la Rosa at eddiedelarosa@outlook.com.

9. Send >30 members on global missions trips by 2024. We desire to cultivate a culture at Cypress that is passionate about taking the gospel to the ends of the earth (Matt. 24:14). To this end, we are committed to offering partial scholarships through our missions fund for members to go on global missions trips. We hope to send more than 30 members per year on global missions trips by 2024.

Questions? Get Involved? Contact Basilio Martinez at bmartinez17886@gmail.com.