Starting November 8, we will begin Indoor Services at 9am & 11am.

COVID-19 has made 2020 complex, to say the least. One of the things our elders have been concerned about is hosting outdoor services during winter. As many of you know, “houses of worship” have been ordered by Monterey County Health Department to meet outdoors as part of COVID-19 restrictions. With winter fast approaching, hosting outdoor services in the cold and wet poses significant health and safety risks too, especially with flu season bearing down upon us. We have repeatedly tried to express these concerns to Dr. Moreno, Monterey County’s Health Officer, via email and phone. To this point, we have yet to receive a reply. In this context, and after much prayer, the elders have decided to move our Sunday services indoors for winter, beginning November 8, 2020. We've written a letter to Dr. Moreno informing him of our decision. Please feel free to view a copy of this letter, and an updated list of the social distancing protocols (see below), which include continuing to wear masks. We will continue to livestream our worship services too. Our hope is that you will receive this decision in the same spirit it was made: out of love and concern for our church family and a desire to see Jesus worshipped.

Covid-19 Prevention Plan - Updated 10.29.2020

Cypress Community Church has been in full compliance with all Monterey County Health Orders, as it relates to COVID-19, beginning March 17, 2020.


Beginning November 8, the elders of Cypress have decided to reconvene in-person Sunday services, as outlined in Pastor Ben's letter to the Monterey County Health Officer Dr. Edward Moreno. Click to view Pastor Ben's letter.


Our sanctuary can hold in excess of 600 people with five distinct areas, three upstairs and two downstairs. We will host 150 people in the sanctuary at one time, approx. 30 people in each of the five sections, with each family unit six feet apart. We will have one hour between services; time to clear and thoroughly clean our facility. Not only this, we commit to the following twenty health & safety protocols -

  • Online options for both 9:00am and 11:00am services
  • Clear signage reiterating the County’s social distancing guidelines
  • Separate entrances and exits for each area of the sanctuary
  • Restricting the sanctuary to 150 people, thirty in each of the five distinct sections
  • All ushers to wear face masks
  • Face masks worn at all times while on campus (except for children younger than two years old, per county guidelines)
  • Face masks made available for people on the patio
  • Hand sanitizer available in multiple locations
  • Yellow tape on pews to clearly identify a six foot distance between family units
  • Every second pew taped-off
  • All Bibles, pens, connection cards removed from pews
  • No offering plates passed, but giving boxes made available
  • No greeting time
  • Sanctuary and restrooms cleaned between services
  • Restroom waiting areas clearly marked to indicate six feet social distancing
  • Sanctuary doors and windows opened one half hour before, during, and one half hour after services
  • Self-screening temperatures and symptoms at home
  • If you are over 65 or have a preexisting condition, please feel free to stay home
  • Our staff, elders, and ushers are responsible to enforce each practice
  • Training for staff, elders, and ushers regarding practices and enforcement

As we hope you can see by these measures, the health and safety of our congregation and the community-at-large is of utmost importance to us. Please know that if you don’t feel comfortable attending in-person right now, we are offering online options for both services. We’re grateful to gather, both in person and online, as we seek to Worship Jesus, Love One Another, and Serve the World!

*please see map of on-campus directions below

On-Campus Directions

Please keep an eye out for our on-campus signs and

help us to spread the Gospel, not the virus.