As ministries are restarting on campus we need YOUR help building them up! For this 2021-22 Winter season, we've compiled a list of 15 ways to serve both on and off campus. We're highlighting where help is needed the most and invite you to serve in some capacity, wherever the Lord calls!

To download and share the 15 Ways to Serve, click here.

On Campus

1. Small Group Host - kylie@cypresschurch.org

2. Men's BBQ Helper - cripep@gmail.com

3. Women's Bible Study Helper - audrey@cypresschurch.org

4. Sunday Tech Team Helper - carrie@cypresschurch.org

5. Campus Work Crew - garreth@cypresschurch.org

6. Youth Group Leader - tim@cypresschurch.org

7. Food Pantry Donations - bobbicripe@gmail.com

8. Sunday Welcome Team - kylie@cypresschurch.org

9. Sunday Children's Helper - linda@cypresschurch.org

10. Hospitality Helper - audrey@cypresschurch.org

11. I-HELP Helper (Homeless Ministry) - ruthannflowers@hotmail.com

Off Campus

12. Street Evangelism - tim@cypresschurch.org

13. Pass The Word Helper (Homeless Ministry) - skkawa1@gmail.com

14. CEF "Good News Club" Volunteer - centralcoast@cefnorcal.org

15. Set Free Monterey Bay Care Team - garreth@cypresschurch.org