2022 Bible Distribution 

Our world needs to hear the Gospel.  Since one way that can happen is by reading God’s Word, it is our desire to give more people access to Bibles.

Our vision is to distribute 10,000 Bibles in the next three years, in a way that helps us build relationships with others.  It is so easy to get started!  Cypress has bought hundreds of Bibles in both English and Spanish.  All you need to do is stop by the church office and pick up the Bibles you plan to share.  God’s Word is powerful and changes lives, and we treasure His Word here at Cypress.  If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact Hailee Kile or Paul Cripe.

Please give these Bibles away to those the Lord leads you to or brings along your path!

Por favor, regale estas Biblias a aquellos a quienes el Señor lo guíe o traiga a lo largo de su camino.

Mark 4:1-20

Have you received a bible from cypress?

How did this gift bless you?

Let us know!

Bibles In Bulk

Looking for a way to share a large quantity of Bibles?  Find out more about giving away Bibles in bulk by emailing Paul Cripe at cripep@gmail.com.

Our 3-Year Vision

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Contact Us

Questions?  Get Involved?  Contact our Bible Distribution team by emailing Paul Cripe at cripep@gmail.com.